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Elite® Garage Door, Repair & Installation Services In Oakland Charter Township MI

Many experts believe that a home or even a business is only as secure as its garage door.  Many homeowners spend a lot of money on buying the most secure garage door as it is seen as their first line of defense against intruders.  However, purchasing and Installing A New Garage Door that has an array of the latest security features is only as good as its installation.  The inferior quality installation will just as quickly make the garage door vulnerable.  Our garage door repair in Oakland Charter Township MI provides both repair and installation services but with a difference.

New Garage Door Installation and Replacement

When you hire us to install a new garage door, our approach is first to check if, in fact, it’s the right choice for the space.  It goes without saying that some garage doors may not be ideally suited to your space.  Also, even if you do install them, there will be issues with both security and otherwise.  Once we have deemed the area appropriate for its installation we go about fixing the door.  At Elite Garage Door we use the latest tools and the best materials which means that the garage door is installed professionally which consequently lasts longer.

We Work As A Team

While other garage door repair in Oakland Charter Township MI will send over a single technician who may or may not be effective we, on the other hand, send over a team.  A team is effectively able to accomplish even some of the most challenging installation and repair tasks in the shortest time.  While working as a team is also seen as being far safer since the average garage door weighs several hundred pounds.

Our Garage Door Repair in Oakland Charter Township MI is designed to make hiring and using our services very easy.  Plus, working as a team means that your questions can be answered but without having to halt repair work.  In our experience having a few extra trained hands onboard always makes repair and installation safer if not overall better.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service - Elite Garage Door

We Use the Latest Tools and Techniques

Garage door repair depends a lot on using the right tools and techniques.  A professional and clean repair will require that the tools used are made for that particular garage door.  We have tools for even things like lifting a garage door which is accomplished without causing any scratches, dents or other forms of minor damage. The same goes for removing screws, and welding parts that may have broken off.

Backed Up With A Warranty

The other significant advantage of using the best tools and techniques is that the result is much cleaner and durable.  Most people have a hard time telling if their garage door was even repaired.  That is the kind of garage door repair in Oakland Charter Township MI you can expect when hiring us.  Furthermore we back all workmanship with a solid 90-day warranty.
If you want to hire a reliable, trustworthy and highly experienced garage door repair team in Oakland Charter Township MI, then call us today.

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