How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer?

//How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer?

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer?

When the cold months have finally been driven away with summer on the horizon, it is time to think about how your garage door will cope with the change. So, it is a good time to start garage door maintenance. The maintenance you perform should go beyond just examining your garage door. You need to check and clean parts, and repair damage which if done in time will save you a bundle in the long-run. Below are a couple of tips which should help keep your garage door humming fine through the summer months.

Keep the Door Clean

We know that garages aren’t clean and so the door isn’t clean either. It is generally where we all store our supplies, boxes, and tools which then collect grease and dirt. However, the parts of your garage door which are exposed to the elements will also be filthy; that’s why you’ll want to take a power washer to both the inside and the outside. You can prevent the build-up of dirt by applying a layer of car wax on both sides too.

If your garage door is made from wood then rust is surely going to be on your mind. So, consider painting it and apply a water sealant on both sides, which prevents rot. If there is existing rot, you will want to stop it from spreading, but if you can’t do that, then the garage door has to be replaced.

If you happen to have a metal door check for signs of rust. Make sure to sand down any spots with rust and paint over it with zinc primer.

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Look Closely for Wear

Moving parts will wear and eventually tear. Check the cables to see if they are frayed or if they look worn. If they are worn, those have to be replaced but not by you but a professional. Replacing the cables is a job for the professionals because it is difficult and dangerous.

You also want to ensure that all the ball-bearings, hinges, and other supports are in good shape. If you see something is loose, or there is damage, those have too need to be fixed right away. If you don’t deal with it today, then there could be a hefty bill to pay a few months later. So, don’t put off these repairs till later.

Check all Bolts

You will want to check all the bolts on the back of the track to ensure they are all tight. Not only is this good to check for the longevity of your garage door but also for your personal safety because the last thing you want is the garage door falling on anyone.

Insulation and Weather Stripping

You will want to replace and clean any of the damaged weather stripping across the bottom and the insulation. Weatherstripping helps to keep the garage dry. Plus, it ensures that hot air inside stays hot while if you have the cooling running indoors, the cool air does not escape.

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