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Elite Garage Door

Elite® Garage Door, Repair & Installation Services In Rochester Hills MI

Finding a reliable and Professional Garage Door Repair In Rochester Hills MI can be a bit of a challenge.  Even though the number of services has increased many are not as experienced as they should be to handle most garage door related issues.  However, Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair has been servicing the area for well over a decade.  We continue to be a leading service in the area mainly because of a pretty long list of highly satisfied clients.  As a matter of fact, many people who contact us is through a reference, usually a happy client.

Highly Professional Garage Door Service

Our goal is to provide a highly professional service that assures clients that they are in good hands. So, to do that we have a team of certified professionals who are friendly.  The professionals that arrive at your doorstep are not only experts but will be willing to answer questions relating to the problem.  Plus, they are trained to ensure that the work they do is to your satisfaction.  It is for this reason that we are one of the few garage door repair companies that have grown exponentially.

A Family Owned Garage Door Repair in Rochester Hills MI

We are proudly a family owned business with years of experience.  Each person on our team is certified, insured and bonded.  We make sure that they are not only Expert Garage Door Repair people but also know the way our business operates.  They are also trained to understand how we want them to communicate with clients.  That way the team can accurately reflect the policies of the company in addition to providing an excellent service.

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Rochester Hills MI

Commercial garage door repair tends to be hard to find in the area.  We know many businesses who only found us after they were referred by several people.  That said we have a dedicated team that specializes in fixing and installing commercial garage doors.  They have experience with both regular commercial garage doors as well as those in industrial use.  So, they can deliver an unsurpassed level of expertise to businesses that require their garage door be repaired reliably.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service - Elite Garage Door

Great Customer Service

Apart from having experts on our team, we’ve focused a great deal on customer service.  Customer service or us is a big thing because that’s how many clients make the initial contact.   handle everything from emails to calls.  These professionals are also familiar with garage door repair and will be more than willing to furnish you with a quote.  They will even walk you through garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI if required.

Elite Experts

Our team is continuously growing as we are becoming one of the most highly respected garage door repair services.  However, we remain committed to providing excellent service at an excellent price.  So unlike other garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI, we don’t overcharge people.  On the contrary, most people find our prices to be surprisingly reasonable based on the quality of work they witness.

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