Top Perks of a Quality Garage Door

//Top Perks of a Quality Garage Door

Top Perks of a Quality Garage Door

Everyone reading this already knows that installing a new garage door is a mega-investment for most folk. However, it is one of the best additions to any home, not to mention it helps deliver the best ROI for those who want to sell the home soon. That said the important thing to note is that not all garage doors are made equal. Garage doors tend to vary greatly in terms of pricing and quality. Generally, a higher quality garage door is more expensive than a lower quality one. The goal though should be to buy the highest quality garage door you can afford as that will add the most value and curb appeal to your home.

When you’re searching around for a garage door there are a couple of things you’ll want to look out for. Apart from features, the door should have certain qualities. We discuss these qualities in detail below.

Everyone Likes Wooden Doors But Don’t Cheap Out

Wooden doors happen to be very attractive, mainly because wood is a beautiful material. But wooden doors are a tad bit more expensive than other garage doors. When buying wooden doors you’ll never want to cheap out because that severely affects the quality of wood. Cheap wooden doors will warp, crack and swell up. Expensive doors are made from cedar or better yet redwood which can last for years and stand up to just about anything.

A High R-Value Insulation

A good quality door will have good insulation, and the higher you go, the better the garage door’s insulation will be. However, the amount of insulation is a relative term. So, the R-value is an important factor since it measures the amount of insulation the garage door has. Generally, our recommendation is to buy a garage door that has an R-Value of around 10-13, for people living in California and other states. Insulation helps to keep the garage door cooler during the hot summer which will help you save on the power bill.

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High Quality and Strong Springs

Just about everything mechanical has a lifecycle, and the spring is no different. The spring is rated in terms of the number of cycles it can bear before it has to be replaced. The average American family uses their garage door 3 times a day, so that’s three cycles. Our recommendation is to buy a garage door that uses a spring with at least 20,000 cycles. That garage door will easily last you for 10 years if not more. In our opinion, a higher quality spring will help you save money in the long-term.

A Higher HP Door Opener

Finally, the quality of your garage door opener is just as important as the door itself. Using a heavy-duty opener may cost slightly more, but it will deliver superior performance and assure a longer life. Higher quality openers use durable motors and hence don’t require as much repair.

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