When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

//When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Most people don’t think twice about their garage door opener until it malfunctions. Interestingly, a malfunctioning garage door opener is the most common reason for the garage door not working, i.e., opening or closing. Generally garage door openers should be able to provide you with a service life of around 10 years, but that greatly depends on how much it is used. It is worth noting that with regular use and as the years pass, they become less efficient and so will require routine maintenance more often.

In some cases, you might want to think about replacing the garage door opener even if it seems to operate normally. One reason for this being that it will provide improved safety and make your life a lot more hassle-free.

Common Signs of a Garage Door Opener Requiring Replacement

A garage door is one of the most important pieces of machinery on your property. It is responsible for ensuring that the garage door opens and closes effectively. Unless the opener has stopped working or isn’t responding to commands, most people will not consider replacing it. That said if you’re unsure or on the fence about replacing the garage door then consider the points below:

  • Age: Generally the opener has a 10-year life span after which it will have to be replaced. Even though it may still operate, you will always want to consider an opener with the latest safety features so that it operates more efficiently. You also need to keep in mind that for older generation garage door openers many hardware and repair parts may not be available.
  • Slow Operation: Do you think that the garage door is moving up and down much slower than once was? Does the opener respond after a few seconds delay? If that’s the case, then you will almost certainly benefit from a replacement.
  • Moves Randomly: If the garage door has a difficult time receiving signals or perhaps closes or opens randomly, then it should be replaced. Modern openers are more reliable and will save you heaps of frustration.
  • Strange Noises: Does the door make strange noises when opening and closing? At times you may hear the chain belt rattle or the motor is much louder than it should be. Either way, replacing it is the only way.
  • Vibration: A failing garage door makes more noise, and it also vibrates excessively when operating. The vibration is caused by worn armatures or in some cases a bent shaft.

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Other Reasons to Consider Garage Door Opener Replacement

Apart from upgrading the garage door opener so that it operates more efficiently and reliably, you are also going to benefit from a host of new features. The latest advancement in manufacturing and sensor technologies have allowed garage door openers to become safer and more convenient. You also benefit from:

Improved safety with features like a photo eye sensor which prevents the door from causing injuries or damage to the property.

  • Lower decibel levels.
  • Security has improved greatly with rolling codes to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • A battery backup system that allows you to safely and easily open as well as close the garage door.
  • Added features like Wi-Fi, a timer, and wireless and keyless systems.

Finally, it is always a good idea to hire a team of experts like us to install the new garage door opener for optimal performance.

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